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true-to-build drainage design

More than 35+ years of drainage design innovation in the water industry. Evolving the UK & Europe's preferred SuDs software, created for the needs of today.

MicroDrainage has served the water industry well.

First created in 1983, MicroDrainage has continued to evolve with UK water professionals making it an industry leading software tool for drainage design. Developed for the design and modelling of surface water and wastewater systems MicroDrainage delivers high quality, environmental and compliant designs used by consultants engineers authorizing bodies and environmental agencies around the UK, Europe and across the globe.

InfoDrainage designed with tomorrow in mind...

InfoDrainage has been developed to satisfy existing as well as future drainage design requirements as well as the needs registered by our existing customers

  • A subscription licence
  • A graphical interface that fits into your existing workflow
  • Heightened modelling capability to accurately represent the fully integrated drainage solutions that will actually be built
  • Improved spatial planning to gain quicker approvals with all stakeholders
  • Easy to use, increased speed and efficiency with designs, edits and a wide range of data exchange options
  • Integrated with Civil3D® Pipe Networks with roundtripping support to reduce rework minimise data loss and enable delivery of 3D models throughout the design process

If you are a current MicroDrainage licence holder that upgrades to InfoDrainage, you will gain access to our complimentary training sessions designed to get you and your team up and running quickly.

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Benefitting from more than thirty years of R&D, innovation, and direct partnership with thought leaders within the industry, InfoDrainage offers a new best-in-breed drainage design software platform empowering you with the ability to create more sustainable, resilient environments for our communities. Next Generation Drainage Design.
The creation of InfoDrainage is in response to industry needs and based on feedback from drainage designers, approving authorities and existing clients. We made it for you to be able to design, review and approve SuDS, Green Infrastructure and traditional drainage systems more clearly, richly and easily with confidence.

We have made a significant investment to develop a new software platform that takes drainage design to the next level; enabling users to leverage emerging technologies and benefit from significant engine advancements, making the design and approval of designs easier and faster than ever before.
Existing MicroDrainage users will immediately notice that InfoDrainage delivers a next-generation user interface with visualisation at its heart - something we call 'true-to-build' drainage design. The true-to-build nature of InfoDrainage allows users to easily craft real-world drainage system layouts which are faster to configure, audit and exchange with Civil 3D and other CAD tools.

What else will you find with InfoDrainage?
  • Streamlined design workflows and auditing assistance.
  • In-depth yet flexible SuDS configurations.
  • Increased flexibility to design with bifurcations / break free from dendritic pipe definitions.
  • Preliminary drainage calculations and a rigorous, fully dynamic hydraulic solution.
  • Rich integration between drainage models and CAD systems, for industry leading BIM practice.
  • All of this in a single, intuitive to use platform which helps deliver optimised designs, faster.
Innovyze have created a pathway designed to support our existing customers migrating to InfoDrainage. Your account manager can provide you with details.
Using MicroDrainage under active InfoCare gives you the best of both worlds – moving forward on existing project work with MicroDrainage while also remaining eligible for the InfoDrainage Conversion program. We recognize you can't switch overnight which is why we're ensuring you keep your MicroDrainage license as part of the conversion program. Your account manager can tell you more about the details.

InfoCare is the name for our support and maintenance program. Only maintained licenses of MicroDrainage will be eligible for the InfoDrainage conversion program.

All customers with current InfoCare service agreements have access to a range of services and resources including expert assistance from our global engineering support staff and access to the Innovyze Support Portal where your organization can leverage our extensive range of articles offering technical advice, useful tips, and troubleshooting guides. Part of InfoCare, Innovyze has launched Innovyze User Voice, an online user feedback forum for Innovyze products.
Right now we offer a choice of which product to use with InfoDrainage and MicroDrainage fully supported with training programs provided. Though we're focusing our development efforts on improving InfoDrainage, our next generation product, we continue to maintain MicroDrainage. InfoCare is set to continue for several years with no confirmed date for that to change.
Our priority is to provide the licenses you need to deliver your projects now, but also make it easy and cost-effective to move to InfoDrainage when the time is right. You can continue to expand use of industry-leading MicroDrainage. Your account manager can tell you more details about the InfoDrainage Conversion Program including the additional incentives designed to protect your investment.
Seamless. Innovyze's development team's top priority is to make our client's transition from MicroDrainage to InfoDrainage seamless. You will be able to load/save MicroDrainage .mdx files and open within the respective platforms. We have also created a host of user education and onboarding material – including tutorials, example videos, and an illustrative help wiki site - to aid in the transition.
Easier reviews. InfoDrainage was created with approving authorities in mind and includes a host of functionality specifically to help streamline design review workflows and to better analyse submissions. Please speak to your account representative about the various training, webinar and other onboarding experiencing that Innovyze have available.
Yes, InfoWorks ICM imports the InfoDrainage file format .iddx and in both InfoWorks ICM and InfoAsset Manager you can also import via the powerful Open Data Import Center.
InfoDrainage offers you the ability to create detailed drainage reporting outputs that can be printed or saved to pdf for including within a drainage scheme submission. We haven't strayed too far from the well-trodden path in MD around sharing design data in report form, although we believe it now looks better and is easier to consume.

We have also made it easier to share the underlying InfoDrainage model and associated data via our Transmit Design function, zipping your chosen drainage design data into a single folder for sharing. Elements of your design data can also be shared across multiple data formats with our dedicated data export wizards allowing data to be output to CAD, GIS and CSV for example.

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